Will my first consultation cost me anything?


Do you make after hours appointments?


Will you come to us?

Yes, we can arrange for your solicitor to meet with you.

I have no money. Do I have to pay for any expenses?

No. We cover all disbursements in your matter. We do not charge interest on the disbursements and these are payable by you at the end of the matter.

Will I deal with a lawyer or an ‘assistant’ for most of my claim?

We pride ourselves on being a boutique firm offering high quality legal services. Therefore, you will almost always have contact with your lawyer directly.

You are a Boutique firm. Do you have the resources of large firms?

Yes. We offer outstanding services and great outcomes. However, where we differ is simple. We treat each and every client with value and respect.

At Palazzolo & Associates we pride ourselves on great results, our customer service and client satisfaction.

What services do you offer?

We offer a range of legal services including Compensation, Superannuation, Disability and Motor Accident Claims.

I am unhappy with my current lawyer. Can you take on my case?

Call us to discuss your matter with one of our lawyers. On a case by case basis we will review whether we can take on your claim. If we do, this is an easy transition and we will handle everything.

You don’t have an office in my area. Can I still be your client?

Yes, we have many clients in rural and remote areas. We are able to service clients in all areas without compromising our outstanding services and great outcomes.

How do I find out more?

Call us on 1300 LAW NSW (1300 529 679). Talk to us directly and we can answer any further questions you may have.