What to do when someone has died?

What to do when someone has died?

When someone dies, there are a number of important jobs that need to be taken care of. Take a look at just some of the things that need to be done here.

First – Death to be confirmed

  1. A doctor must sign a certificate to confirm the death.
  2. A funeral company can take the deceased into their care.
  3. The funeral director will generally collect all the information needed for registering the death and send it to the relevant state or territory government office.
  4. The funeral director may also help with newspaper notices, flowers and religious services.

Insurance policies

The person that has died may have had insurance through private health, sickness, accident or life insurance policies which may assist with funeral and other expenses.

If a policy can be located, call the company and ask if any assistance is available.

Funeral plans

Sometimes, people have pre-paid funeral plans and made some or all of the decisions regarding their own funeral.

Make sure that you search for any paperwork if you think that a prepaid funeral or a funeral bond was arranged. Sometimes, the paperwork may be with or near the Will, with the person’s solicitor or with the executor of the Will.


See our section on Wills. 

Who must be notified?

Basically all organisations that have had dealings with the person need to be told. After locating personal records and documents, you can use the following checklist provided by the Department of Human Services for people and organisations you may also need to contact.

Your solicitor can assist you with this task.

Removing names from mailing lists

To stop receiving some (not all) direct advertising/marketing material go to the ADMA association’s website at adma.com.au or write to them at:
GPO Box 3895
Sydney NSW 2001

Social media

Review each social media account section on ‘help’ and follow the relevant steps required to close the account if necessary.

You may be entitled to Government Assistance and Payments

It is best to review the Department of Human services site or visit your local office to enquire as to what assistance you may be entitled to. Such entitlements and assistance may include:

For more information or help please contact us on

1300 LAW NSW (1300 529 679)